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Cloud Management

In quick fashion, cloud computing solutions have become a critical part of IT infrastructure. But today, many organizations have little visibility into the quality and Starteffectiveness of their cloud operations.

Invest a few minutes in this benchmark survey from the experts at CIO Magazine and and brought to you by BMC. Your ROI?

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If yours is like most organizations and takes more than 3 months to plan a typical cloud project, you are flirting with danger.

See how you Stack Up against more than 180 of your peers.

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Does your organization's cloud approach focus on individual cloud projects or have a holistic approach to cloud across your enterprise?

We treat each cloud project as an individual, unique entity
We approach each cloud project as part of a holistic or comprehensive plan for all our cloud projects

Do your organization's cloud projects include a comprehensive view including plan, build and run phases?


Do you expect cloud operations at your organization to be driven by analytics and data or more subjective approaches?

RadioBtnOff Analytics and data
RadioBtnOff Both
RadioBtnOff Subjective measures

Which of the following groups or teams at your organization are involved in cloud plan development? (Please select all that apply.)

CheckboxOff IT management
CheckboxOff Finance
CheckboxOff IT operations
CheckboxOff Risk/Compliance
CheckboxOff Application development
CheckboxOff Executive management
CheckboxOff Line of business management
CheckboxOff End users

How long does it take your organization to plan for a typical cloud project?


Less than 2 weeks

2-4 weeks

1-3 months

3-6 months

6-9 months

9-12 months

More than 12 months


Will you implement management tools to track changes in your cloud and provide related audit trails?

RadioBtnOff Yes
RadioBtnOff No

Will users be able to access a single portal to request exactly the service they need – without worrying whether cloud or traditional resources are used to deliver the service?

RadioBtnOff Yes
RadioBtnOff No

Does your cloud environment have more or less automation than your non-cloud infrastructure?

RadioBtnOff More automation than traditional
RadioBtnOff The same level of automation as traditional
     IT infrastructure
RadioBtnOff Less automation than traditional infrastructure

Will your organization use the same cloud operating model across all of your technology platforms?

RadioBtnOff Yes
RadioBtnOff No
RadioBtnOff Somewhat

Is your organization's cloud able to manage physical, virtual, private and public cloud infrastructure?

RadioBtnOff Yes
RadioBtnOff No

Does your organization have people who are skilled to manage the present and future cloud environment?

RadioBtnOff Yes
RadioBtnOff No

Which of the following benefits generate the "R" in ROI for your organization's cloud project(s)? (Please select all that apply.)

CheckboxOff Faster time to market/solution
CheckboxOff Greater margins
CheckboxOff Greater sales
CheckboxOff Increased flexibility for operations
CheckboxOff Lower initial costs
CheckboxOff Ability to manage by contract
CheckboxOff Access to expertise for the solution
CheckboxOff We don't measure ROI for cloud projects

Which factors do you consider key to operating your organization's cloud? (Please select all that apply.)

CheckboxOff Capacity management
CheckboxOff Performance management
CheckboxOff Configuration management
CheckboxOff Compliance management
CheckboxOff Time to value
CheckboxOff User satisfaction
CheckboxOff Costs
CheckboxOff Confidence in solution
CheckboxOff Security

Has your organization prioritized which user groups you plan to support with your cloud in 18 - 24 months?

RadioBtnOff Yes
RadioBtnOff No
RadioBtnOff Somewhat